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Why is xenon able to form compounds
Why is xenon able to form compounds

Why is xenon able to form compounds

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Why only xenon can form compound in noble gases? Mr Kbh. Answered Last. Not true! Radon can too. You just reminded me that I actually have some XeF4 in

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In the zero grp Xenon contains large size and less ionisation energy, therfore it is the only member which able to form comp. with flourine nd oxygen. Posted by Mar 5, 2009 - Xenon, with a larger atomic mass, is able to form compounds (with fluorine, for example, to form XeF6). The noble/inert gases higher up in thedo noble gases form compounds easily?28 Mar 2014chemistryy helppp! Ionic compounds?5 Jan 2010can noble gases make compounds with other elements?8 Oct 2008What can the element "Xenon" react with?24 Nov 2006More results from gas compound - Wikipedia, the free Xenon compounds; 2.2 Krypton compounds; 2.3 Argon compounds It was initially believed that the noble gases could not form compounds due to their full noble gases would be able to form compounds with fluorine and oxygen. Helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, and radon (all gases at room reactive atoms such as fluorine might form compounds with xenon, the heaviest of the noble platinum hexafluoride (PtF6), was able to oxidize oxygen and produce the red

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Jul 5, 2013 - The noble gas xenon reacts with water ice at exceedingly high temperatures and pressures – conditions that are found within the interiors of Due to large atomic size, the first IE for xenon is low as compared to IE of the other is the main reaason why Bartlett thought of a noble gas ' compound. A potent oxidant is needed to oxidize noble gases and form compounds in than that of O 2, Bartlett recognized that PtF 6 should also be able to oxidize xenon. neon 18·3 I, argon 9,340 I, krypton 1·141 and xenon 87 ml. the inert gases to form compounds, and many electr·ons than are allowed by the classical.Jump to Xenon Compounds and their Molecular Structure - However, in 1962, Neil Barlett was able to form chemical compounds with xenon. Most of the

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